We are Wholesalers of Beverages and Food

Our Philosophy

If you have reached this page, it is because you want to know with whom you will be doing business.

Tradexports is a different way of approaching things. First and foremost, working with Tradexports means working with a team that values trust and a select treatment of its clients.

We will prioritise your satisfaction. We understand that the only way for both parties to grow is for you to be happy with our service, so that we know that our relationship can endure over time.

Mayoristas de Bebidas

What we know how to do

Although we are a new company, we have a long experience in the sector. We have evolved according to the needs of our customers because we know them well.
We have worked in all sectors and now we focus on the wholesale of both beverages and food. We import from countries all over the world, especially from Europe such as Poland, Turkey, etc., as well as exporting to any country in the world.

We know that we are going through a difficult time globally, but this does not discourage us from continuing with our work to serve our customers and get them the best possible price for the products we sell.

Our Team

As an internationally oriented company, our team is also made up of people from different backgrounds.

But what unites us all is the illusion of the work done and the orientation of the whole team towards customer satisfaction.

Would you like to become our customer?


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